Team Australia Achievements 2009-2015.

An unbelievable experience! With the ability to whistle any chart topping song or classical old time favourite, Uno had no fear in front of Hollywood’s biggest talent scouts, who voted for him to win one of Variety’s top award.  Uno took home two gold and one silver medal as well as the Senior Grand Champion Award

in Variety category. Uno is no stranger to performing and impressed Red Symon on Australia’s Got Talent in 2008, with Symon proclaiming Uno to be “Upstairs with the great whistlers: Roger Whittaker and Ronnie Ronalde. Marvellous! Very good”.

Uno Babaev

The World Championships of Performing Arts was an absolutely amazing experience. The competition was intense, there were so many contestants – but enjoyable nonetheless.

It opened my eyes to the fierce world of entertainment, but also highlighted how much I want to pursue my dream as a violinist. The best part was definitely making it into the semi-final and having all m new friend and team mates in the audience sheering me on and playing my favourite piece “Theme from Schindler’s List”.

Alexandra Heussner

Thank You WCOPA and the beautiful Lizette Hunt

The team…….touchdown in LA and for the next 2 weeks I will live, eat and breathe all things Team 2012 World Championships of Performing  Arts. It straight away felt good, it felt like the pressure was off and everyone,  Competitors, supporters and management were there for each other. We were a Together Each Achieves More Team, all seeking the common result of doing well for ourselves but ultimately doing well for our country and that we did. It was INSPIRING! It was FUN!

We were a collaboration of actors, songwriters, singers, dancers, models and instrumentalists from all walks of life. We were selected from an auditioning process that is designed to create a team that will work well together and work hard to achieve Accolades for their Country.

WCOPA the organisation of the competition is highly professional and like any business is designed to generate income but what is offered in return is worth every cent that you pay. What you walk away with at the end of competition is priceless in the on-going development of your chosen craft. I cannot understand why the Australian Government has not come on board with some sort of sponsorship but with any luck that will change in times to come.

Karen Thomsen

It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I will treasure the experience for the rest of my life and hold dear all the memories I made over there. It’s hard to find all the words to try and convey to others how awesome the experience was for me and I am really thankful I was able to go and sing for my country.

This was such a special experience for me and I miss my team Australia team mates, they made the experience even more awesome!

Monique Bottcher

The World Championships has been the greatest acting experience of my life. I never stopped learning, from the boot camp seminars, the industry professionals and even my peers.

The competition is beyond words and something every aspiring performer should get the opportunity to contend in. I gained medals, self-validation of my acting skills and level, contacts within the entertainment industry, a scholarship to the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, friends who really are so much more than just teammates and a story to last a lifetime.

Thank you so much Lizette Hunt for letting me represent our fine country and providing me with a stepping-stone into the Hollywood business. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

Aimee Duroux

This was truly an amazing experience! Everything moved at the speed of light! Mr head shot and resume ended up on Steven Spielberg office following my asking of a few question at on of the seminars before the competition. At the go-sees we had a  chance to meet  with agents, managers, and other industry professionals. This was quite an eye opener and was also where I was offered a place and scholarship at the prestigious New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, School of Film and Television.
這確實是一個了不起的體驗!所有事情一刹那就發生了!我的首次亮相和建立出現在史蒂芬·斯皮爾伯格的辦公室,隨後我在賽前的研討會問了幾個問題,在製作公司見面會上,我們有機會看到代理人,經理和其他行業專業人士。這是一個相當大開眼界比賽,我獲得了一個名次,並且獲得了著名的New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, School of Film and Television.獎學金。

Damien Noyce

Being part of WCOPA 2009 was simply an awesome experience. The highlight for me was meeting like minded people from so many different cultures. It was simply incredible to win such a competition and I feel very proud that I was able to fly the Aussie flag. I won the overall Grand Champion of the World, five Gold medals, Overall Instrumentalist, and 5 Industry Awards.

Joe Robinson

This year I competed in the World Championships of Performing Arts (2012) receiving four silver and four bronze medals. Before competing we got to participate in many wonderful activities and visited Universal Studios, Disneyland and Hollywood Walk of Fame as well as do some great shopping!

It wasn’t long before we got into the hard work, Boot camp was a tough but rewarding day. Working with Industry Professionals susch as Seth Riggs, Tokoyo & Drey and Justin Kopplin from Millennium Dance Complex was an amazing experience.

Overall it was a wonderful experience and I am very proud to be returning next year (2013)

Britt Goodwin

The World Championships of Performing Arts was one of the best experiences of my life. I was able to expand my knowledge of the music industry, sing in front of industry professionals, workshop with one of the greatest vocal teachers in the world, perform in front of record labels and producers, explore L.A and all of its famous ‘sight sees’ and so much more.

After WCOPA I managed to walk away with connections into the music industry, confidence in my original songs, 6 awards and an overall division winner award and I will be working on music and touring with many of the Australia contestants. This experience was priceless and none of this would be possible if it were not for our National Director Lizette Hunt. Thank you so much Lizette. All of your efforts are very much appreciated.

Felishia Patania