About Aim to Fame Pty Ltd – Australia

Lizette Hunt

Lizette Hunt – Principal Aim to Fame Pty Ltd (AIM) Australia

Established in 2008 as a performing arts talent scouting business, Aim to Fame Pty Ltd (AIM) Australia has developed a sound reputation amongst aspiring performing artists in Australia as the exclusive channel to attend the World Championships of Performing Arts. Lizette Hunt is the Principal of Aim to Fame Pty Ltd and the Licensed National Director for WCOPA in Australia and Hong Kong. Lizette has experience in the performing arts sector as a catwalk and photographic model as well as spending a decade in dance and ballet. Lizette has judged in various performing arts competitions in Africa, New Zealand and Australia and is passionate about the performing arts industry in Australia and Hong Kong. Lizette won the coveted WCOPA ‘Outstanding National Director’ award in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015 and has a close working relationship with the WCOPA executive team. Lizette is a lifetime member of International Worldstars Association – a USA based organization helping talented performing artists to launch their international careers with access to coaching, instruction and mentoring in: Acting, Dancing, Modelling, Vocals, Instrumentalists and Variety Acts – with a network through media, live video and blogs with producers, directors and talent scouts. Lizette says “We have taken hundreds of aspiring and accomplished Australian performing artists and their supporters to the World Championships of Performing Arts over the past four years, and we are proud of many outstanding achievements; contestants have received Industry Awards and sponsorships in the USA as well as bring home fond memories of this experience’. She goes on to say ‘the standard of Australian Performing Artists is exceptional – we are a Nation proud to stand up in front of a crowd and perform – whether it be singing, dancing, modelling, playing musical instruments – and we are never afraid to compete with the best; we see this competitive culture in all our sporting teams too – it boils down to our National pride.’ Team Australia is in Los Angeles for two weeks – arriving one week before the competition begins for orientation, team building and to rest, to overcome jetlag. The competition spans a full week but on the free-days and before the competition begins, contestants and supporters typically visit the Los Angeles/Hollywood tourist attractions such as day trips to Disneyland, Universal Studios, Walk of Fame, shopping in Fashion Districts, visits to St Monica and Venice beaches to take some time out from the competitions, relax and soak up the Californian hospitality. We are venturing into the Hong Kong market in 2015/16 and have received a huge level of interest from Hong Kong where the Performing Arts is deeply embedded in the Chinese culture. AIM is the sole and exclusive channel to attending WCOPA and via audition processes – successful contestants are invited to represent Team Australia at WCOPA, and all invitations and Agreements are at the final discretion of the National Director. AIM has a team of focused, professional national scouts in major centres around Australia and these scouts are all involved in the Performing Arts sector – either performing artists themselves, or owners of Performing Arts Academies, Colleges, Schools. Our scouts are all dedicated to development of Performing Artists, providing them with the opportunity to attend the World stage and experience International competition.


Our mission is to provide specialized, unique service and expert knowledge of the World Championships of Performing Arts through professionally trained and passionate Staff and Scouts who will provide leadership, assistance, inspiration, coaching, mentoring and an understanding of the Performing Arts industry, to our Performing Arts contestants.


At AIM, our vision is to become the best performing arts talent scouting company in Australia and Hong Kong – in the eyes of all stakeholders and communities. We demand and will deliver the best we have to offer by always keeping AIM’s values top of mind and by fostering close, lasting relationships with stakeholders through honest, ethical, transparent conduct at all times.